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Haruna Mubiru disbands Kream Production

by Editorial Team
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By Mariam Nakalema

When former Eagles Production band member Haruna Mubiru left the band to start his own Kream Production in 2011, he enjoyed an instant success.

Then, riding high on songs like “Kifa Nsalira” “Binyuma” among others, he attracted a number of talented artistes like Stecia Mayanja, Kemi Sera and a host others.  

Twelve years later, the singer has disbanded the group.  In an interview with The Kampala Sun, he says he has chosen to concentrate on his restaurant business which is more lucrative.

“I left Kream production because I realized that I was working with people who people who don’t appreciate. I invested a lot in many artistes but got nothing in return. The band business is not for the faint hearted you can ask Hon, Geoffrey Lutaaya or Mesach Ssemakula,” he said while at his H&M restaurant in Makindye.  

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