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Haruna Mubiru bashes ex-lover Kemi Sera

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By Hussein Kiganda

Dreams Production boss Haruna Mubiru, known for his hit song Ekitooke, is not happy with the way his ex-lover, Kemi Sera (Sarah Kemigisha), is struggling to prove a point instead of releasing music. 

During an interview, Mubiru urged Kemi Sera to tell her lover to support her musically instead of organising bashes and sumptuous luncheons.

“Let her stop boasting about birthdays because we made those for her and there is nothing different. I wanted her to be a star, not a struggling lover. Instead of buying those cakes for her, let him inject money into her music so that we can hear her voice again. That way, she can be able to help herself,” Mubiru said.

He also promised that if Kemi Sera introduces her man (kwanjula), and there is a big ceremony made, he would attend it as a singer.

Talking about city slay queens, Mubiru advised that it would be better for them to receive visible items like land and houses, not expensive cars that are likely to depreciate.

“And those cars they buy for those women are all nothing because a car can crash in one day. They should be requesting for land and buildings,” he advised.

Mubiru boasted that he managed to give Kemi Sera popularity which is something not easy to get.

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