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Guvnor’s GM Nicholas Ndirangu moves on

by Editorial Team
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By Musa Ssemwanga

Club Guvnor’s long serving general manager Nicholas Ndirangu has said his farewells after decades of service at the Industrial area-based club.

The amiable and reserved Kenyan-born Ndirangu was seen off at a dinner in Kampala attended by the senior staffers at the establishment.

In attendance was the proprietor and entrepreneur, Charlie Lubega, Natasha Kayondo, Linda Lisa Charania, TShaka Mayanja and others.

Nicholas Ndirangu (toasting with TShaka Mayanja) during the farewell dinner. Photo by Musa Ssemwanga

They reminisced over the good and bad days before the toasted to his new journey.  Whereas it was initially anticipated that Ndirangu was headed across the border, back home for a juicier job, it manifested at the dinner that he is very much around.  He is going to concentrate on dogs.

Being a director of Uganda’s Ultimate Dog show, his love for dogs, in particular goes beyond and he is set to give them full attention.   

“His heart bleeds for dogs. Before the lockdown, the dog show had grown in leaps and bounds.  He is determined to give it his undivided attention,” a colleague said.

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