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Guests relish childhood memories at Kwepena festival

by Editorial Team
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By Ignatius Kamya 

Even the early shower couldn’t stop Kampala party goers from attending yet another season of Kwepena festival that aims at celebrating Ugandan heritage through childhood games. 

A sizable number of people gathered at Legends Rugby Grounds in Kampala on Sunday, September 17, to roll back the years as they involved themselves in the games they used to play during their childhood. 

From kwepena, omweso, dduulu, kapa egoba emmese, sack racing, ludo, rope jumping and many other games, surely it was hard for one to find an excuse of not getting themselves involved at least in a game. 

As a way of preventing any falls and dirt getting on the revellers, the organisers spread carpets on the ground for those involved in games like kwepena

Revellers caught in action during ‘kwepena’. Photo by Ignatius Kamya

Dduulu caught lots of people’s attention and it involved lots of arguments as some couldn’t remember the rules of the game.

All the focus was on hitting that hole as the teams played ‘dduulu’

Kapa egoba emmese, however, was the one game that excited the guests the most. In the game, men were told to chase women while being held in a circle. For one to be considered a winner, one had to bring back the lady in the centre.

There was some incredible mixes from the different DJs for those that didn’t involve themselves in games to also enjoy. 

Guests taking part in sack racing

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