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Guests enjoy local brew as they celebrate Namaddu festival

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By Ignatius Kamya 

On Sunday, September 24, a number of people from eastern Uganda, majorly Bugwere, gathered at National Theatre for the Namaddu festival.

What stood out the most was the drinking of local beer (malwa). 

Namaddu is a cultural dance for Bagweri, which is performed around a fireplace with drumming beats. For one to dance it, they are required to have a stick that acts as an arrow as if to suggest they are going into a war. 

Bluz Man, a popular artiste from Bugwere, entertained the audience and urged them to speak their mother tongue or else he would tell their king that his subjects no longer embrace their culture. 

The evening climaxed at 9:30pm, with the Namaddu dance as a number of guests made a circle around the drums with sticks.

Being the first edition and going by the numbers that turned up for the event, the festival promises to be huge in the coming years as it brings people together to celebrate their heritage.  

A man preparing the drums for the festival. Photo by Ignatius Kamya

Attendees dancing Namaddu. Photo by Ignatius Kamya

Bluz Man and a guest as they entertain the audience

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