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Gravity Omutujju’s song “Okwepicha” goes viral on TikTok

by Editorial Team
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By Abia Kaitesi

Singer Gravity Omutujju aka Geresom Wabuyu is a master of releasing songs laden with innuendo. Songs like Enyama, Embuzi Zakutudde, Jjenne Mukituli are just some of those songs,

However, his latest song, “Okwepicha” has become a Tik Tok craze, The song has not left most of the Kampala tiktokers and fans the same where by they have jumped on the challenge with eye catching dance moves.
It has flaunted social media platforms like tiktok ,Instagram and Facebook where people have went ahead to use funny filters of tiktok named “buttock wave” this filter shows a human body going sideways and of course which has gained likes out of it.

When asked about the meaning of the word,” Okwepicha” the singer hesitated but insisted it is just another slang picked from the ghetto. Gravity grew up in the Nakulabye ghettos before making it big in the music industry

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