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Gravity maintains Spice Diana’s manager is disrespectful

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Gravity Omutujju has continued to sting music industry stakeholders, this time turning his gun on songstress Spice Diana’s manager, Roger Lubega. The feud started in earnest last year after he learnt while on an interview that the Regular hitmaker’s manager cursed him.

He blew up in a feat of rage questioning where he gets the audacity to speak down on others.

He also pinned the pair for hypocrisy accusing them of pretending to celebrate other people’s success but quietly harbouring hatred for any artiste with a great body of work than theirs.

While appearing on a local media outlet last week, he stressed that he still does not want to mix with Roger on any level.

“I still don’t like Roger. He is not my buddy, I don’t need anything from him. He undermines, does not wish others well. He wants his artiste to be the best DJ, presenter, best male and female artiste. He wants everything for himself,” Omutujju ranted.

Omutujju and Diana have a song together titled Ndi Mu Love. But claimed at the start of the feud that he was not friends with the singer but her manager, Roger. And therefore, everything that happened in the music video, including the kissing scene was the manager’s idea.

Also last week, he revealed that he refused to do for singer Jose Chameleone a drop for his forthcoming Gwanga Mujje concert as payback for refusing to do him one when he organised a concert last year.

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