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Grace Nakimera buries self in philanthropic work

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By Ahmad Muto

Songstress Grace Nakimera might not prominently feature on the music turf lately, but her philanthropic work speaks volumes.

Through her Feed The Streets Foundation, she has been making efforts to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable folks in and around Kampala.

On Sunday, November 27, Nakimera shared photos of one of the beneficiaries of her efforts.

She wrote: “We met grandmother Nakku in the year 2017. She was the sweetest old grandma that always wanted her 19 grandchildren around her. She was living in a small shelter that was falling apart. The situation was so hard there was hardly any food, and in the same room that was falling apart they lived with ducks and goats.
She added: “In 2018 this family’s history was made, we shifted them into their new better home constructed in the period of six months.”

Nakimera gave all the glory to God, and credited another foundation, Dina Foundation, that they collaborated with on the project, adding that they have managed to connect to many other families going through difficult times.

The singer’s Feed the Streets Foundation has several homes in Iganga, Bukerere, and Mukono, with the newest being in Kinawataka.

Nakimera fell off the music turf about six years ago, only to surface three years ago, identifying as a gospel singer. She claimed while she was away, she fought a spiritual battle, medical doctors failed to diagnose her illness to a point it completely left her drained.

When she recovered, she became Born Again Christian, released a song titled Anviriddeyo to kickstart her gospel career. But it failed to receive the airplay/critical acclaim her secular songs Kawonawo, Anfukuula, Ani Akumanyi et al. received. 

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