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Grace Khan’s baby lands endorsement deal

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda
Singer Grace Khan’s Baby Aisha Granah has been endorsed as a model for the diapers company called Pamper. The “Nenoonya” singer rushed to post this on her handles bragging about her daughters’ achievement.
“Congurajulations to my sweetie daughter @Granah Illonah Aisha on her first endorsement now I’ve got something very exciting from pampers coming soon…,” she wrote.
Though female celebrities have fear of giving birth because they think their careers could be buried during that maternity leave, some have bagged cash from the endorsement deals that their babies have won.
At birth, Juliana won more popularity when her baby Taj dropped onto the earth. A few months later, Taj was endorsed by Molfix Baby Diaper of African Queen Ltd and Geisha traditional black soap in the back to glow promotion of Unilever Ltd.
Aamal Musuuza and Aaliyah Sebunya are also reported to have made cash for Rema Namakula. Aamal was endorsed by Jesa Farm as a model for Jesa Fruit Yoghurt. The wait to see Aaliyah’s face also became a big deal on the internet and some say she bagged cash in the process.
Ann Kansiime also revealed some time back that her baby with Skylanta, Selassie, bagged in cash even before he was born. Vinka’s baby too won an endorsement deal with Molfix Baby Diaper and Jennifer Full Figure’s Museveni got millions of money at birth.

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