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Gossip shows should air past midnight- Gashumba

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Sisimuka Uganda boss, Frank Gashumba and his daughter Sheila Gashumba  might have attained celebrity status by gracing ‘gossip shows’ on local television,  but has no qualms seeing the back of them.

He is in full support of UCC’s hard stance on the gossip shows; he believes that they were spot in calling for rescheduling of live gossip TV programmes beyond 10 pm.

“Lugambo “Gossip” Rubbish SHOWS should air at 3:00AM,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

At the start of the week, UCC issued a directive to all television stations to reschedule all gossip shows from prime time to after 10pm to 5am.

Stations that fail to adhere to the new changes are to be slapped with regulatory sanctions in a bid by UCC to limit adult content, sexual innuendos, and profanity during prime time.

The affected programs, known for broadcasting mostly gossip and celebrity news, are:NBS and Sanyuka TV’s Uncut Sabula,  NBS and Sanyuka TV’s Uncut Kalakata, Spark TV’s Live Wire, Urban TV’s Short Circuit Sonsomola,   ABS TV’s Evening Zone,  Baba TV’s Poko Poko, BBS TV’s Roundabout  Dream TV’s Tik Taka Sesetula.

Others are Kingdom TV’s Kapyaki, STV’s Select E-Buzz, BTM TV’s Acces and Top TV’s Kachumbali.

Having reviewed and investigated the nature of the content, UCC observed that the programs contain adult content, sexual innuendos and profanity, with the potential to disturb and harm some members of the public, especially children.

To make it worse, some presenters often appear on air when dressed indecently in skimpy outfit and worsen it by using X-rated language.


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