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Gospel star Benjamin Akoustik waxes lyrical about latest song ‘Testimony’

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By Paul Waiswa
Former TV personality and music producer at the Kamwokya based Dream studios, Benjamin Akoustik who is currently based in Turkey is making waves on the charts with the release of his second single titled ‘Testimony’

In the song, he traces his journey from an orphanage to the ghetto and finally into ‘paradise’.
Benjamin Akoustik, born Benjamin Kaggwa is a guitarist and saxophonist, who initially was a music producer. He later joined a band (Q-vibes) as he also worked as a presenter at Star TV. He later took a leap of faith and recorded his own material which thrust him on the music scene.
He is well known for ‘Alina amatu asana awulire’ gospel song which he recorded before going to the diaspora in search for greener pastures.

It is his hardened past that prompted his song, ” Testimony,” which he personally wrote. It was mastered by Josh Wonder. Delving into finer details, he says that the song, inspired by a true story starts from an orphanage called Foweplak in Kiboga district. It details his tribulations until 2014, when he left Kiboga for Kampala, where he had been admitted for university education.

Singer Benjamin Akoustik is hitting in big in Turkey. He released a song “Testimony” detailing his journey (photo: Paul Waiswa)

Blessed with a mellifluous voice and with a passion for music, he met  gospel musician Florence Rukundo who connected and introduced him to Dream studio boss Eddy Yawe for production lessons. He never looked back.

” I will forever be grateful to Florence (Rukundo) and Eddy (Yawe). They opened opportunities for me when others rejected me because i had no money at the time. At Dream Studios, i learnt from the best, notably Dan Magic, Dan kit and Darry Hits,” he recalls.
In 2017, Benjamin Akoustik was invited by a long time friend Winfrey Nandutu to go and start life in Turkey. It became the next chapter of his hustle. He found a job in a textile factory but the musician in him never died.

He then started playing music on the streets of Turkey hoping someone would be swayed by the melody and further his career. It never happened. However, participation in a singing competition opened the doors for him. ” A manager of an Orchestra band picked interest in me. He liked my vocals and style of music. It never mattered that some of the words i sang were ‘foreign’ in Turkey,” he says.

After rigorous training, he learnt the language. He can sing in the Turkish language. Today, he is working with with Behzat Gerceker, the CEO of Orkestra Band in Turkey. Benjamin Akoustik is the lead singer.

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