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Gospel artiste DJ Victor256 organises ‘spiritual’ house party

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By Hussein Kiganda

In the secular world, house parties are associated with excessive dancing, drinking and eating the forbidden fruit.

Despite being viewed as something of the ‘world’, the gospel fraternity has decided to join the fray, albeit blended with the blood of Jesus.

Talking to The Kampala Sun, city gospel deejay, DJ Victor256 (real name Victor Ulokcwinywu), the organiser, explained that the party is a get-together that will join the secular world to the gospel fraternity.

“Born-again Christians do not have places to chill from. Although they have the money and would like to spend it, they cannot go to those ‘spoilt’ house parties, beaches, and nightclubs. I am trying to create something that will be for the gospel fraternity, where they can come, meet, greet and enjoy themselves without drinking alcohol or engaging in any sinful acts. They will simply listen to gospel music, praise the Lord and also listen to  inspirational messages from different artistes,” DJ Victor256 said.

Unlike ‘worldly’ house parties that take place in people’s homes, this one will take place at an eatery, a place called Jael Kitchen, in Naguru, a city suburb, at the end of the month.

Grace Nakimera

Several gospel artistes are tipped to attend the party, including secular-singer-turned-gospel-singer Grace Nakimera, Ragga Pastor, and Lyrical Mycleal. Secular artistes like Kemishan, FlexD Paper, and Vyper Ranking are also expected to take part, something that has drawn mixed reactions.

DJ Victor256, however, says these will not sing, but were asked to come and hang out with gospel artistes so that they could be lured into embracing the Born-again culture. Other people that could take part, according to sources, are Phil Kirya, Faith Mulungi,  Sasoman deejay, DJ EaziE, and Hyperman.

On gospel house parties, Nakimera said: “It’s like a fellowship in gospel. It’s very okay as long as there is no bending over, alcohol, and other sinful acts. I do not think DJ Victor256 would organise something against the Christian values so I will attend.”

The Yansasira singer added: “Christians are not saints. They can also hang out, have some non-acoholic drinks and enjoy themselves. They are  normal people like you and me.”

However, some born-again pastors like Martin Ssempa of Makerere Community Church do not believe in the house parties.

“I am shocked to hear about this new development. It’s similar to a sleepover. We all know a house party as something where alcohol is being served, girls dressed up scantily, and is a very sexually loaded event. So how do you explain to Christians that this is okay? No no no! I do not think this is godly,” he told The Kampala Sun.




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