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Good music is always a gamble – Afrigo’s Moses Matovu

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By Ahmad Muto
While preparing for his #360Mentor session on Agri-prenuer Robert Kabushenga’s Twitter Space, on Wednesday, October 13, legendary Afrigo band co-founder Moses Matovu stated that making a good song is a gamble. He urged musicians to treat making music like an exam where you have no idea about your performance until results are out.
“It is not good to rush. Composing a song is like going for an exam, you never really know how well you have performed until the results are out. So, you can never know how well the crowd will receive it, it is always a gamble.”
He added: “It depends on the subject you choose or want to sing to. You can be inspired by a song and get other ideas from it, but not necessarily copying it…”
Matovu also revealed that after forming the band in 1975, the timing made them spend a year without music instruments because president Idi Amin Dada had expelled the Indians who operated the shops that sold them.
However, they managed to soldier through and stick together until they arrived. “In 1969, I joined the Cranes Band up to 1974 and in 1975, we formed Afrigo Band myself, Charles Sekyanzi, Jef Sewava, Tony Ssenkebejje and Jessy Gita Kasirivu. But, it was not easy to get the musical instruments because there was no way you could buy them since the Asians who had shops selling the instruments were chased from this country by President Idd Amin Dada. So, it took us a year to get them. This situation was so bad the only thing which helped us was togetherness.”

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