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Go back to school, fans taunt singer Rahmah Pinky

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

Diminutive singer Rahmah Pinky (Rahman Nanyanzi) was last year recruited into Team No Sleep to replace Sheebah Karungi. Despite the hype, she has not had a soft landing.

Fans still think that she is too young to fit in  Sheebah’s shoes despite having a similar voice to that of the Mukama Yamba singer.

Well, social media does not care whether you are good or not. As long as they don’t deem you fit for something, they will throw jabs.

Yesterday, netizens took to social media, to remind the Superstar singer that she is too young and should, therefore, go back to school since the President fully opened the economy.

Da ku somero,” literally meaning “go back to school” was what Latif Husyn wrote in reply to one of the singer’s posts.

This year, Rahmah is expected to be one of the best artistes since she has got the best music promoter and manager in Jeff Kiwa.

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