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GNL Zamba says Pallaso is better vocally compared to brothers Weasel, Chamilli

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

The Mayanja brothers – Jose Chameleone, Pallaso and Weasel – have built quite a solid relationship with violence that runs head to head with their music. They have at least scratched some little thing they have come into contact with. If it is not their girlfriends/wives on the receiving end, it is a someone they have/had solid professional relationship with.

However, like rapper GNL Zamba has a way with words, it turns out he also has a way of skirting around the Mayanjas’ issues, leaving their egos effectively buoyed.

Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso was in the news last week for roughing up musician Alien Skin.

While speaking to media personality Isaac Katende alias Kasuku on his podcast, GNL said Pallaso is the most talented, musically compared to his brothers Jose Chameleone and Weasel. He cited the over two decades the Soma singer invested in mastering the different facets of music, and his reinvention from Lizard to Pallaso.

To me, Pallaso is the most talented Mayanja, yet Weasel is my friend. I have recorded music with him. Chameleone has created for us all this good music, but when I look at overall talent, Pallaso can sing, rap, produce, and he is a sweet guy by the way,” said GNL.

However, like he noted, he recorded songs with Weasel when he was still part of the Radio & Weasel duo. GNL said he never clashed with them even once yet Weasel, as a person and as part of the duo has clashed with many artistes, including their former manager Chagga, Radio’s baby mama Lillian Mbabazi with whom he recorded Vitamin and Where You Are. GNL, however, emphasised that he did not clash with him, yet he was part of the Where you are remix, Mr. RightAkalimu and Machozi.

King Michael, Vampino, boda boda riders, DJs among others have all not survived the Mayanjas.

With Pallaso who is the most talented in his book, GNL has only recorded Ready For You.

In 2021, GNL branded Chameleone a godfather of Uganda’s music industry. He argued that there are levels to it and, therefore, Chameleone is godfather two level with the likes of Afrigo Band for his effort in laying a foundation for the local music industry. Godfather one, GNL argued, is where a lot of respect should be put, naming Eclas Kawalya, Elly Wamala and their contemporaries as godfather one level, while he himself is godfather three.

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