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GNL Zamba hails Alien Skin on organising Champion Gudo concert

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By Alfred Byenkya

Luga Flow rapper GNL Zamba has commended singer Alien Skin and his label Fangone Forest for organising a charity concert for child artiste Champion Gudo on September 23, 2023.

He said Alien aka Patrick Mulwana and his management pulled off a feat, which big artistes, who claim to be the best in the country, have failed to pull off for their colleagues.

At a press conference held on September 19, Alien said he was organising the concert dubbed The Return of Champion Gudo Twagala Champion so as to raise funds to build Gudo’s mother a house and make the boy the youngest landlord in Uganda.

The concert was, however, a flop as only a handful of revellers attended it.

“When I started Baboon Forest Entertainment Ltd years ago, I worked with and signed three artistes, contrary to the norm where most established artistes only promoted themselves and kept other talents as stooges and servants to ‘the king’. I proceeded to provide label services, organise events, endorsements and manage these artistes even sometimes at the detriment of my own career. At times I refused to get on stage if the organisers didn’t want my upcoming artistes to perform before me. Eventually, they bent to the pressure,” GNL noted.

He said it was this initiative that led to the rise of rappers such as Bigtril, Mun*G and Keko.

“They became household names. We learnt on the job, made several mistakes, but never the less gave quality entertainment and established a legacy of service and sharing a spotlight. I would like to thank Alien Skin for carrying on the flame by blessing another artiste because in Uganda, it is uncommon. We have people with 18-years’ plus career who have never organised or blessed anyone besides themselves with such an honour,” GNL explained.  

He also said Ugandan artistes don’t help or support other artistes because they are afraid of competition.

“Often these young artistes, for lack of genuine support, break off and find their way, only to become rivals for their former bosses who accuse them of being ungrateful for the chapati they bought for them (but really a chapati for a song?) We all know/see it is exploitation, deep seated insecurities and business myopia why most big artistes keep talented artistes under them for years without giving them their own show, deal or spotlight. You can fault me on many things, but I humbly did it all without reservations,” he added

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