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GNL says his plan was not to marry Miriam Tamar

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By Ahmad Muto

According to rapper GNL, he never really intended to marry his American wife, Miriam Tamar, but wanted to just have fun. He said he had seen people getting married and told himself it was not for him and surprisingly even Tamar was not into the idea. However, it all changed as he got older, realising he shared a special bond with her.
“This generation is not into these things of coupling up. When I met her, I was like people are doing this marriage thing and that is not for me. She was also on the same page by the way. And the day I met her, I told my people as we went through Gulu, Arua on my northern tour that I was going to be single for life, but I was young. After we all had enough fun, we shared a special bond and decided to do something about it,” he explained.
On Tamar’s part, she said marriage was not a box she looked forward to ticking the whole time they were dating, but when they decided to get married, she realised it was a very special thing.
“I actually for so long never thought I would want to be married even as we were dating. I did not think we needed marriage, a certificate or a licence to prove anything. But we eventually decided to get married and I quickly realised how much that meant. It is unique to be surrounded by people you love and care about,” she said.

The pair according to GNL met in a bar somewhere in Kampala over a decade ago and got married in 2018 at Cielo Farms in Malibu, Carlifornia. GNL got his breakthrough as a Lugaflow rapper in the late 2000s with the song Soda and never looked back.

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