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GNL bashes artistes who think hype equates to high ticket sales

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Lugaflow rapper Ernest Zamba aka GNL Zamba has castigated musicians who think they can turn hype into ticket sales.

He noted that on D-day, they are forced to give out free tickets to avoid the embarrassment associated with flops.

The Soda rapper was reacting to a post on Facebook about how two trending US rappers – Lil Durk and Lil Baby – were forced to cancel shows because of low ticket sales, while veteran rappers Nas and Wu-Tang sold out every show on their tour.  

“These trap artistes don’t give great performances and people in the USA pay for catalogue and the experience. Old artistes have fan bases that know they are guaranteed a great time when people pay for their shows. Singing over your songs, shouting and over hyping i.e paying charts for placements, bots finally catches up with you,” GNL Zamba wrote.

“Old artistes have organic/real fans. That’s the difference. EVEN IN Uganda, the artistes that overly hype their music without fans end up giving free tickets and opening gates to fill venues. Same thing!!!” he added.

Several local artistes have been accused by critics of giving out free tickets at their concerts to fill up the venues after realising revellers won’t show up. The latest was Yung Mulo whose comeback concert at Chunchuz Auto Spa, Zzana flopped and had to give out 200 free tickets.

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