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Gift ov Kaddo flattered by fan

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By Hussein Kiganda

Faded singer Gift ov Kaddo(Gift Kyambadde) who became popular for his hit song “Traffic man Officer” was left in astonishment after he spotted one of his fans in town, wearing a T-shirt, with his name printed on its back.

The singer rushed to post the picture on his socials with overwhelming praise to the fan as he mocked the media for not giving him the attention he so much craves for.

“They will never let this brand down I appreciate this bambi dearest. I Wish I find you..😊God bless you, I know the after5 gentlemen won’t like this….❤️😂🤣,” he wrote.

Kaddo feels sidelined by the media and does not feel enough love from the audience anymore. 

In 2021, the singer revealed through an interview that some presenters were intendedly frustrating him. 

Now that he has known that some fans still have him at heart, he feels that he is unstoppable.

Kaddo fell out of favour when his singing partner Mr. X, with whom he outed songs such as; “Co-driver”, “ngenze” and several more, went to the Lord a decade ago.

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