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Ghetto Kids were used to boost ratings, opines media personality Fatboy

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By Ahmad Muto

Media personality James Onen alias Fatboy has argued that sensational dance group, the Triplets Ghetto Kids, stood no chance of winning Britain’s Got Talent (BGT), but were rather skilfully exploited for ratings.

The children made it to the finals of the reality show, only to lose to Norwegian comedian Viggo Venn on Sunday, June 4.

“Unpopular opinion: These kids were hyped, promoted and elevated to the finals just to boost the ratings for BGT. The organisers had no intention of letting them win,” Fatboy tweeted.

“It is a completion. Some will win and others will lose,” read a reply to Fatboy that attracted a longer explanation for another user.

“Sadly, you don’t understand how showbiz in the West works. TV shows and mainstream media operate differently from where you are. @jamesonen has summed it all up perfectly. If you go for these talent shows to audition and you’re unique, exhibit bizarre behaviour or you’re genuinely talented, you’ll be hyped for the sake of their TV viewership and publicity. These talent or reality TV shows determine the winner during the audition stage so all that public voting is usually in vain plus.”

It should also be recalled that in April after it emerged the child dancers received the coveted golden buzzer, Fatboy stated that it made no sense to him that Ugandans were part of a competition he thought was strictly British.

“I’m glad they were well received however my only issue is I thought the show is called Britain’s Got talent, meaning the performing acts should at the very least be living in Britain to be eligible to participate. So, to me the Ghetto Kids’ participation in this makes no sense,” he wrote.

Daudi Kavuma, their manager, said when he applied, he convinced the organisers about their fanbase in Britain.  

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