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Get off my ovaries: Cindy scoffs at pregnancy rumours

by Editorial Team
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By Ranell Dickson Nsereko

Singer Cindy Sanyu’s fans are not about to let her enjoy a decent wink of sleep.  Following her widely publicized affair with actor Prynce Joel Atiku, they are so desperate for her to parade a baby bump.

The pressure has finally got to her nerves, she has cautioned the fans to get off her ovaries.  

 During the POA star search finals, she performed in a hideous ankle-length orange dress, which would do well to hide a burgeoning pregnancy.  

 For some of the fans, this was a tell-tale sign; many excitedly confirmed the pregnancy by merely looking at the dress.  They argued about her dress code with some wondering whether her choice of wardrobe had to do with being a judge or hiding a pregnancy.

Gossip segment gurus and their TV camera crews that accosted her demanding an explanation on the change in her body shape got a tongue lashing.

Just this week, Cindy took to social media to respond to fans who wondered whether she is on family planning.  They confessed to checking her out for a baby bump that their eyes have started hurting.

 “Those saying I am on family planning make me laugh. I think family planning is needed, but I am in a very good part of my relationship and right now my career is slow because of the lock down. So yes, this could be the time,” she said. 

That said, she added that her pregnancy and baby affairs should not be so important to the point of becoming a national agenda.

“You are demanding for a child like a hit song. It is for me and Prynce, not for me and Uganda. I want a baby and I do not think it should be national news. It is not something I would want to share. But a baby is coming,” she added.

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