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Geosteady saw ex-wife’s breakup coming

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Socialite Prima Kardashi recently broke up with her lover, Henry Arinaitwe.

 This happened two-years after their whirl-wind romance that started in 2020.

The break-up was music for the ears of singer Geosteady, who was dumped before Prima took on the radio lover boy, Mr. Henrie.

Geosteady has come out to reveal he knows his ex-baby mama too well; he foresaw a break as soon as Prima and Mr. Henrie’s affair hit it off.

In an interview with a local television, Geosteady said he wasn’t surprised that Prima and Mr. Henrie separated. He denies playing a part in it because contrary to widely held belief, the two split after Geosteady and Prima resumed their co-parenting duties.  

“It didn’t surprise me that Prima and Mr. Henry broke up I saw it coming. You know there is no smoke without fire so all the rumors that was always making rounds on social media about them I knew there was the truth behind it,” Geosteady said.

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