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Geosteady looking for Mr. Henrie to emulate Kenzo and Hamza

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By Ahmad Muto

According to singer Geosteady, Grammy Award nominee Eddy Kenzo did the right thing when he met Dr. Hamza Sebunya – his baby mama Rema Namakula’s husband- and exhibited utmost courtesy and even posed for a photo.

According to the Energy singer, he is now looking forward to emulating Kenzo and the gynaecologist by doing the same with Mr. Henrie.

Via Twitter, he shared the photo of Rema’s ex and current together with the caption: “What @eddykenzoofficial did was the right thing and Henrie nkunoonya for such a pic.”

Real name Henry Arinitwe, Mr. Henrie was the rebound lover of Geosteady’s baby mama of two, Prima Kardashi. Their relationship lasted about two years following her nasty breakup with the baby daddy and the social media outbursts that followed, with Mr. Henrie always turning out the collateral damage.

Mr.Henrie was called broke, a babysitter, house boy and accused of not playing the singer’s songs on his show at a Kansanga-based radio station.

Five months ago, Geosteady who had earlier lamented that he had been denied access to their daughters, turned up to celebrate their youngest’s third birthday. The flames were visibly back.

It came shortly after Prima dumped the radio presenter. Then fresh photos of them together started making rounds, including one of Prima on the singer’s laps all looking booed-up. 

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