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Geosteady continues to taunt Prima as he dangles Hindu Kay in her face

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

It’s not yet over between singer Geosteady (Hassan Kigozi) and his baby mama, Prima Kardashi (Prima Ndagire).

Geosteady has not let the Lusaniya seller rest; each time he feels like ruffling her feathers, he posts something about his new catch, calling her all the sweet names in the world.

Geosteady and Prima went for each other’s jugular recently during an online rant that left netizens in shock. The spat came after Geosteady penned down a great Valentine’s Day message for his new catch Hindu Kay.

Despite apologising to his fans for going bear knuckles with his ex, Geosteady has continued to flaunt Hindu to taunt Prima into another fight.

Recently, he put up a post, sharing how special Hindu is.

“Hindu is the most beautiful in and out. Special woman I’ve ever met in my life. She has brought me peace and happiness that I lost many years ago and becoz of her, I Love Her 😍 (Sorry but I’m off Facebook becoz I love her),” he wrote. 

Before this, he had also posted: “People have come, people have gone and what matters now is that small woman to me and she’s the reason I came out of every situation alive and not depressed. You won’t understand, but I love her. A lot to keep as secrets and may be you will never know, but I wish you would. The only problem here is that most of you are so understanding and it’s hard to take in every no sense. Gdnyt. #NjagalaGwe.”

However, netizens have perceived the whole saga as a promotion for his new song Njagala Gwe

The singer did the same thing with his earlier song Sembera in which he used Prima as a video vixen and left fans talking.

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