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Gaetano hurt he is being compared to Kisoro man

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By Ahmad Muto
Media personality Gaetano Kagwa has reacted to claims that the infamous Kisoro couple that were arrested last week by the police for attempting coitus by the road side were judged harshly yet he was celebrated for the same act. Hafashimana Paskari, 29 and Muhawenimana Colodine Mukamulenzi, 24 were arrested last week and charged with participating in acts of public nuisance after their video went viral.
While appearing on his Another Round TV show on Sunday, (November 7) Gaetano said he has seen people comparing his shenanigans in the Big Brother Africa House in 2003 with South African housemate Abby Plaatjes. He said they only kissed and motion under the sheets does not necessarily mean coitus. He challenged his co-host, Marcus Kwikiriza to tell him if he thinks he had sex to which he replied with a ‘no.’
The online community argued Gaetano became famous across the continent for the same reason the Kisoro man got arrested. Some of the comments that triggered the radio and TV host were:
@MamaKLA: “Gaetano does it on camera he is an international celeb. Kisoro guy does it on camera he is arrested. 1 + 1 = know your audience.”
@rudakut: “But Gaetano Kagwa attained celebrity status via the same through Big Brother show! He was welcomed at Entebbe airport with enthusiasm! What did Police do? Leave the man alone! This Kisoro man might even be a celebrity more than Gae.”
After Abby’s eviction from the Big Brother Africa house in August 2003, at a press conference she said: “I am not saying that we did have intercourse, and I am not saying we did not. What happened between Gaetano and me was between Gaetano and me.”

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