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Fun Factory celebrates 20 years 

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By Nicholas Oneal

Twenty years ago, a weekly sketch comedy, which started as Theatre Factory and later became Fun Factory in the compound of the National Theatre, was birthed, under the stewardship of theatre great, film producer, lecturer and play director Philip Luswata.

Due to internal wrangles, Luswata later moved on to other projects, leaving his ‘baby’ to others to grow it. The ‘baby’ made 20 years with celebrations held at the Kampala Serena Hotel on October 1.

To spice up the evening, there were several performances by comedians such as Teacher Mpamire, Richard Tuwangye aka Amos the Mugaga and Isaac Kuddzu.

The close to three-hour-and-a-half show started at 7:30pm with President Yoweri Museveni imitator Teacher Mpamire opening the event with the national anthem.

Hannington Bugingo and Dickson Zizinga then staged a lying contest, depicting how Zizinga was the only black person in the missing submersible Titan carrying five wealthy thrill-seekers, which sank recently. They said he floated and woke up at Ggaba landing site.

Special credit goes to the stage designer, the rotating stage kept revellers anticipating what could next. Many theatre-goers are used to the pulling of curtains as the actors change roles.

In today’s entertainment circles, we normally see artistes coming to their colleague’s events in show of support and respect. However, a close observation of the guests showed that barely any known comedian was in attendance.

Some of the notable people in attendance were Gagamel president Bebe Cool and his crew who sat in front in support of the industry.

The highlight of the evening was when Luswata led the launch of a church fundraising drive with his stage wife, Veronica Namanda.

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