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FRONASA veterans honour singing Sergeant Kifulugunyu

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By Ramadhan Abbey

When the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) sent out flyers inviting all and sundry to a memorial mass at Rubaga Cathedral for all its “fallen soldiers”, it was the army veterans who got the memo.

Front for National Salvation (FRONASA) under their umbrella FRONASA Veterans Advocates Club decided to honour their own, Sgt. Steven Ssempagala aka SgtKifulugunyu, in a militant way.

The group marched through parts of town to the cathedral. In that special way, they honoured the fallen soldier who doubled as a musician.

Vianney Ngoma Matovu (centre), the group’s chief whip, being entertained by Kunze Cultural Troupe as they pay tribute to late Sgt. Kifulugunyu in Kampala on November 2, 2022. Photo by Ramadhan Abbey

The 5km march that started from Bwaise roundabout, went through Sir Apollo Road, Nankulabye, Balintuma Road then to Rubaga Cathedral was aimed at recognising Kifulugunyu’s contributions as an army officer.

UMA is holding a Prayer Day at Rubaga Cathedral in remembrance of their fellow musicians who passed on.

The celebration is aimed at protecting and preserving Ugandan music while promoting unity among musicians.

AFRONASA Veterans matching on Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road as they pay tribute to the late Sgt. Kifulugunyu on November 2, 2022. Photo by Ramadhan Abbey

Speaking after the match, Vianney Ngoma Matovu, the group’s chief whip and national political commissar, said veterans have joined UMA to pay tribute to their comrade SgtKifulugunyu who was a musician.

“He is remembered for composing morale-boosting songs that motivated soldiers during the National Resistance Army (NRA) bush war and his major role was to entertain fighters,” said Matovu.

According to Ngoma Matovu, Kifulugunyu composed Omoto Nawaka in 1984 after joining NRA.

Bristol Academy Brass Band played Kifulugunyu’s songs throughout the march to awaken people’s memories.

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