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Music Review – Tonnafuya – Kataleya & Kandle

by Editorial Team
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By Dennis Asiimwe 

They already have 26,000 views on YouTube a week after dropping their single,Tonnafuya, and it is sort of easy to see why: they are a striking duo. Along with this, the first thing that hits you is the question: are these twins?

The fun part? They are not even sisters. They are simply a pair of girls who look strikingly alike, gravitated towards each other because of their similar taste in music and a passion to hit the big time through music, and were snapped up by Theron Music, who saw the potential the girls seemed to have figured out for themselves.

They had already decided on being a duo, say the pair, who seem to be very self-aware.

Can they sing? Looking good in a music video is something anyone can pull off, but can they sing?

They have some decent pipes on them, truth be told. I can imagine someone like Andre working a decent track out of the pair, who do look strikingly similar. They do have a happy-go-lucky attractive vibe about them, something that recalls the pussy cat dolls, and they have the potential to be an explosive force.

For now, though, Tonnafuya is simply something for the pair to strut to in a music video, and they strut to maximum effect. They remind me of a younger Lydia Jazmine, which is probably a cautionary tale. She had the same clean cut, attractive appearance, but they seem to carry more energy and as a pair, they pack a punch.

Tonnafuya seems to be a deliberately provocative tune, packed with innuendo and outright sexual references. While that might be a gimmick that they are using to launch their careers, it is not a wise path to follow, and it certainly not necessary – as I mentioned earlier, they do have some singing ability. Look out for Kataleya and Kandle to be hogging the airwaves sooner than later – that YouTube video didn’t rack up 26,000 views accidentally.

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