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Frida Kajala announces breakup with Harmonize

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By Kampala Sun Writer

Tanzanian businesswoman Frida Kajala posted a cryptic message on her Instagram confirming that he has broken up with renowned musician Harmonize.

Kajala and Harmonize got back together in June this year after the singer asked for forgiveness.

Earlier in April, Harmonize went on social media to show off the expensive chains he bought for his ex-lover Kajala and shared a receipt showing that the gold chains had cost him a fortune. 

This was his way of asking for forgiveness and asking Kajala to take him back, and she did as she confirmed they were back in action when he recorded herself jamming to his new song while in a Range Rover he bought her.

However, the gorgeous mother took to Instagram to share she is no longer with the Matatizo hitmaker.

She said: “As a woman and human being I was created to love and forgive, but in this, I deserve to be laughed at, carried and looked down on. I’m not here to defend or show sympathy it’s true I made mistakes and I’ve realized my mistakes, I’m not perfect. I sure do miss my family, siblings, and friends. Making a mistake is not a mistake, a mistake is repeating a mistake. I forgive my X and I’m ready for the next.

On June 25, the Tanzanian crooner proposed to Kajala at a lavish party attended by her daughter, other family members and friends, and she said yes. The pair looked happy throughout the event and whispered sweet nothings in each other’s ears before the main event of the day.

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