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Freedom City curse? Handful of revellers turn up for Martha Mukisa concert

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun Writer

Singer Kapa Cat’s April prediction about Martha Mukisa’s concert at Freedom City on Entebbe Road has come to pass.

Ogamba tosaaga naye, olabise okusaagila ku Freedom City… (You say you are not joking, but you seem to be joking about Freedom City),” Kapa Cat wrote on Facebook.

Mukisa fought back then, accusing Kapa Cat of intimidation.

Kapa Cat’s words must have haunted Mukisa at her Sisaaga (I am not joking) concert on Friday, May 12 as it was nothing to brag about. 

By 6:00pm, bloggers had already started circulating photos showing how embarrassing the turnout was, with most of the seats unoccupied. 

At 9:00pm, the numbers increased a little. As the night progressed, the numbers were still dismal and it was at this moment that the organisers realised they were not going to get any better. They urged people who were seated in what is the VIP section to occupy the VVIP tables and some other chairs next to the stage. 

Revellers were heard deliberating on what could have made the show unsuccessful, with many saying it was rushed.

To add insult to injury, the sound wasn’t great, especially for people who weren’t close to the stage.

Mukisa, who had her breakthrough during the COVID-19, pandemic, is popular for her song, Sango, with Eddy Kenzo.

They argued that she needed time, whilst others said people were still fearful over the New Year’s Day stampede at the venue that led to the death of nine people. 

The first show at Freedom City since the stampede incident on February 14 was cancelled at the last minute.

The Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, then said of singer Vilani’s concert: “ The promoter of the concert had not cleared with the IGP of police and the DPC of the area was not aware of the concert, so it had to be cancelled.”

During another show on Easter Monday concert organised by the proprietor of the mall, John Sebalamu, the turnout was low.

Anyhow, at 11:00pm on Friday, May 12, Mukisa arrived on stage in a silver puffer coat surrounded by umbrellas as though it had rained on her, with the band playing Sisaaga before she started off her show with Ex Wo, International Local, Ssebo and Mumbeera, among others.

Martha Mukisa singing ‘Sango’ with Eddy Kenzo at her ‘Sisaaga’ concert at Freedom City on Entebbe Road on May 12, 2023. Photo by Dickson Ndugwa

She then proceeded to invite other artistes to join her on stage, including those she had collaborated with on different projects. 

Kenzo, who turned up for the show, promised Mukisa another collaboration as a way helping her in the music journey.

Other artistes that showed up were Vinka, Alien Skin, Fresh Kid, Navio, Lydia Jazmine, Grace Khan, Spice Diana, Karole Kasita, Nina Roz and Zafaran. 

Lydia Jazmine performing at Freedom City on May 12, 2023. Photo by Dickson Ndugwa

In the middle of her performance, Mukisa stopped to reassure her fans that she will one day fill up Freedom City.

She also said despite the poor attendance, she is still strong and will continue doing her thing. 

On a lighter note, the low turnout permitted the fans that wanted to be within farting distance of their favourite artistes go next to the stage. 

The organisers also ensured that there was a nearby ambulance in case of any emergency. 

Prior to the New Year’s Day stampede, many musicians such as B2C, Radio and Weasel, Chris Evans and Sheebah held successful concerts at Freedom City. It remains to be seen who will finally break the curse upon the venue and once again make it great.

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