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Former radio football commentator appointed grade one magistrate

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By Godfrey Ojore

Stanislaus Ongwee Okello, a former radio football commentator and a talk how host on a number of radio stations in Teso, is beaming with smiles having been appointed a grade one magistrate.

Okello who also served as a news reporter, received the news of his appointment with joy saying his destiny to fight for the poor will now become a reality.

A 34-year-old hailing from Serere district worked in the media before he pursued a law degree.

“My heart is in peace having secured this appointment. I thank God because my journey has all along been rough,” a happy Ongwee told The Kampala Sun

He noted that he joined working in the media because he wanted to the world the correct picture of what is happening underground and unearth.

“However, in the media I realized that  I would not be able to fight for the rights of the poor. i would be like toothless backing dog talking on radio and lamenting and my listeners would feel good that I share with them their challenges,” Ongwee explained.

He said that with joining law, he would be in position to cause change to the poor directly.

“What will distinguish me from the rest is my passion for justice for the poor us what will always be driving me to always do what is right and always judge cases based on the evidence not because of who has money or not,” Ongwee said.

He said that with his background of media he will ensure that he will remain the friend of journalists and will ensure that he will push for every region to have its spokesman who would be of help on matters that require clarification so as to avoid errors.

Okello who is currently working with Uganda law society, UN women Amudat district as clinic legal officer

worked as an advocate of the High Court of Uganda, Lecturer School of Law, Kampala International University and Legal Associate M/s Obore & Company Advocates

He holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree with Honors from Uganda Christian University, Mukono, a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from Law Development Centre, Kampala, a Master of Laws Degree with Merit from the University of Dar es Salaam, the best in East and Central Africa and currently pursuing a PhD in Law

In the media, he worked with Veritas Radio, Delta radio, Teso broadcasting radio all as football commentator and talkshow host and at Voice of Teso as Station manager at the time he was pursuing his master’s degree in law.

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