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Former Miss Uganda Phiona Bizzu denies death rumors

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer

Former Miss Uganda 2012/2013 Phiona Bizzu has dispelled rumours that she has passed on in an accident.

Word on the grapevine on Christmas was that she had passed on in an unfortunate motor vehicle accident on Saturday night. The news threw her friends into panic with fervent calls made back and forth to confirm the misfortune.

However in a Whatsapp audio accessed by this website, Bizzu clarified she was safe and sound.  “I think it was an error in the pronunciation of the name. I am well. I am in the village, thank you for checking in. It’s okay, I’m well. Happy holidays,” she said.

It was later discovered that it was another gentleman who died in an accident and Bizzu’s name was an error of judgement.

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