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Forbes: Four Africans named among top 50 global content creators

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By Ahmad Muto

Digital media content creators have continued to establish themselves as formidable brands, with the number of people consuming their content spiralling every year. Some have become revered in the areas of product reviews and entertainment.

Esteemed US publication Forbes has released its list of the Top 50 Creators that have turned their following into fortune dubbed “Forbes Top Creators 2023.”

This is the second edition of Forbes annual creators list that’s populated by influencers, streamers and vloggers. This year, the 50 honorees managed a combined 2.6 billion followers and about $700m (sh2.7 trillion) in revenues.

Olajide Olatunji (KSI)

This British-Nigerian YouTuber, born in 1993, kicked off his career posting FIFA video game commentaries on YouTube in 2009. After establishing himself a solid career as a content creator, he went on to build a career as a rapper.

Olatunji also established himself as a boxer as well. He is a polarising figure for his views on gender and race. He has earned himself endorsement deals, one with Prime Hydration that became the official drink for Spanish top flight football league side FC Barcelona and English Premier league side Arsenal.

His earnings stand at $24 million (sh90b), and a total of 112 million followers. He was placed at number two on the Forbes list.

Khaby Lame

Born in 2000 in Senegal, this Senegalese-Italian TikToker’s blessing was the COVID-19 lockdown that saw a career he started out of boredom soar. He became a sensation on the App without saying a single word. He deployed hand gestures and a deadpan face reacting to daily life challenges.

Khaby was a factory machine operator in Turin until March 2020 when he got laid off, the same month he joined TikTok. To feature a product on his TikTok or Instagram page, a brand has to cough $750,000 (sh3b).

Luxury brand Hugo Boss and, State Farm are some of the big brand he has endorsement deals with. He is the most followed user on TikTok.

His earnings stand at $16.5 million (sh62b). With a total of 244 million followers, Khaby was placed at number 11 on the Forbes list.

Adam Waheed (Adam W)

Born in 1992, the Egyptian-American joined YouTube in 2015 and established himself as a formidable content creator on the media streaming platform by uploading short funny skits.

Waheed pokes fun at common life challenges with a number of things, including technology that effortlessly invoke glee. He has managed to cash in on his content by scoring endorsements with tech brands Google, Adobe, luxury brand L’Oreal, and American football league NFL.

His earnings stand at $11m (sh42b), and he was placed at number 24 on the Forbes list. He has a total of 38 million followers. .

Drea Okeke

Born in 1995, this Nigerian-American engineer chose the path of content creation as a comedian and storyteller. She combs streets interviewing people and poking fun at the mannerisms of African mothers as ‘Momma D’.

Her surging social media numbers and impact online scored her endorsement deals with automaker Nissan, soft drink maker Coca-Cola, as well as streaming sites Disney and Netflix.

With seven million followers, Drea’s earnings stand at $7m (sh26b). She is number 49 on the Forbes list.

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