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Five years later, Keko is back home

by Editorial Team
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By Reagan Sempijja

In 2018, when female rapper Jocelyn Tracey Keko, better known as Keko, left the country to Canada, for reasons that to this day, still remain unclear, it seemed like a familiar story of several other Ugandan artists who have since permanently abandoned their homeland.

A few years after her departure, life happened to the rapper, social media feasted off her battle with depression and drugs, and it looked like we had seen the last of Keko.

Be that as it may, she reappeared early this year, looking tremendously transformed into a happy, sober, and jovial Keko that was once revered by many on several fronts. Since then, no unbecoming controversies have sprouted up about her, and that was good news.

But what sounds even better is that the rapper is finally back home. To confirm this, Keko took to her X page, yesterday, September 20, saying: Hello Kampala, I’m here”

This attracted lots of welcome messages from her fans and followers, who look forward to what her next engagements will be while here, and whether or not she is back for good.

But returning, Keko had intimated about her interest in venturing into filmmaking, when she jets back to Uganda. Should we expect to spot her on a film set somewhere? Maybe.

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