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Fille says her time with MC Kats was akin to prison

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By Ahmad Muto

According to singer Fille Mutoni, she is living the happiest phase of her life now after her last relationship that ended in tears. She said that it felt like she was tied up in prison and was not happy at all. 
“I have moved on and I am happy. Actually, happier than ever. Because I realised I had imprisoned myself. I was tied up in something I was not happy with and it had tied me down,” she said. 
Three weeks ago, she made a similar statement during an interview on a local radio station. She tipped women to always leave relationships, jobs and places whenever they are no longer happy. 
Fille’s last known relationship was with city events MC and media personality, MC Kats that resulted into a baby girl named Abigail in 2015. The Love again singer was off the music scene for a while only to return two months ago, get signed by Martini Entertainment and record a collaboration with singer Babarita titled Sawa yona.

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