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Fik Fameica opens up on representing Uganda at Coke Studio Africa 2023

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By Hussein Kiganda

Recently, Ugandan rap maestro, Shafik Walukagga, widely known as Fik Fameica, was selected, alongside crooner Sam Ssemwogere, known as Zuli Tumz, to represent Uganda at this year’s prestigious Coke Studio Africa.

While this marks Zuli’s debut on this esteemed platform, Fik Fameica had previously represented Uganda in 2019, where he delivered outstanding performances. Collaborating with Mozambican rap star Laylizzy, Fameica performed “Next” and “Deck The Walls,” earning widespread acclaim not only in Uganda but across the African continent. His other track “Too Much” added to his list of memorable performances, left an indelible mark on his fans’ hearts.

This year, Fameica returns to the stage following the success of his hit singles, “Chaw chaw” and “Buligita,” which have propelled his career beyond his expectations. Speaking to The New Vision, Fameica expressed his excitement over this opportunity and revealed that his first appearance on Coke Studio Africa had been a turning point in his burgeoning career. He believes that this session will elevate him to the international stage, alongside renowned artists.

“I am incredibly excited about this opportunity. It holds immense significance for me. Coke Studio is the premier African platform, and being a part of it signifies my own stature,” Fameica exclaimed.

He continued, “During my first stint, I aspired to connect with prominent figures in the African music industry, gain exposure, and secure more international gigs. I achieved all these goals, expanded my fan base beyond Ugandan borders, and achieved much more. This time, I am optimistic that even greater success awaits.”

Fik Fameica is elated about representing Uganda at thecae Studio Africa 2023. Courtesy Photo

When asked about why he believes he was chosen to represent Uganda, he confidently asserted that he now considers himself an African giant and proclaimed himself as Africa’s preeminent rapper. He emphasized that such platforms select artists who are not only skilled but also highly professional, established, and proven, a sign that he is one.

“I firmly believe that I am the finest rapper in Africa, so it’s no coincidence that I was selected. It’s a matter of class attracting class,” he declared.

The “Mafia” rapper is elated that his dreams are materializing. His journey from being an aspiring artist struggling to make ends meet to an African luminary, collaborating with globally renowned artists, serves as an inspiring narrative that fuels his determination.

Fameica acknowledges that Coke Studio is propelling the Ugandan music industry to new heights. To him, it’s a platform that validates an artist’s worth and serves as a goal for those aspiring to international recognition. He expresses his joy that the program has instilled hope in young, aspiring talents like himself and anticipates that Uganda will reap even greater benefits from it.

“To demonstrate your significance and have your music reach beyond borders, you must be part of it. It’s a platform that has facilitated our expansion into international markets, and I believe it will do the same for many more artists,” he remarked.

Fameica has selected his hit songs “Buligita,” “Chaw chaw,” “Mpakasa,” “Lifestyle,” and “Kanzunzu” to captivate the audience during his time at Coke Studio. He eagerly looks forward to collaborating with any artist who chooses to work with him, pledging not to disappoint the expectations of Ugandans.

When asked about the selection criteria, Arthur Akankwasa, the Senior Franchise Manager overseeing Coca-Cola operations in Uganda, explained that this year’s primary objective is to uplift the younger generation of artists who could have a significant impact on their country’s music industry and resonate with the audience of their age group. Both Fameica and Zuli Tumz have met all the necessary criteria.

“This time, our focus is on a much younger generation, to which both of these artists appeal. Furthermore, they are among the biggest artists in Uganda, a fact that cannot be denied. They have successfully ticked all the boxes, and we hope they will represent us effectively on both continental and global stages,” Ankankwasa emphasized.

Coke Studio Africa is a non-competitive show that aims to bring together and showcase the diverse musical talents of Africa. It also provides upcoming artists with the opportunity to collaborate with some of the finest local and international music and production talent.

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