Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Fenon records singer Vamos 256 toasts to TikTok milestone

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

In Just four weeks, Fenon records new singer Vamos 256 has proved he is headed for greatness. With his first release after joining Fenon records, the singer’s song has gained a popular tag and for those who understand how TikTok works, it means the song has been used by very many people who have used the hash tag Konkona.

A month ago, Vamos 256 released the video of his song Konkona in a video premier event at Cielo lounge in Kampala. Since then, Konkona became an anthem on TikTok with different account holders using it to create different kinds of content that fits their audience.

Among these users were celebrities, TikTokers with huge following and random TikTok accounts.

Today, the song has been given a popular tag after the hashtag was used on 7826 videos and it ended up being viewed 2.2M times.

The influence of the song on Tiktok also positively catapulted the  growth in the singer’s YouTube account to twenty two thousand views.

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