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Fatboy won’t let his daughter date a ‘Rickman’

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Media personality James Onen, alias Fatboy who is a first-time father has revealed that he can’t stand the idea of his daughter dating a clown like singer Rickman.

The radio host who welcomed his first child, a daughter in December 2022 was reacting to a photo that elicited a lot of tension in a room – city socialite Sheilah Gashumba’s father, Frank with Rickman in one frame plus a very telling facial expression, perhaps looking at the ‘Joseph Kony’ he talked about in that leaked voice note from weeks ago.

Fatboy quoted the photo on Twitter and wrote: “I have a daughter now. I would not accept her dating such a clown.”

Rickman has been in the news lately. File photo

However, he has since been told by his followers to desist for sharing such opinions as a parent because there is also a possibility of ending up with worse.

Speaking to The Kampala Sun last month, Fatboy said for him a relationship is having children and having quality time but not marriage, citing stress that it comes with.

“That is just it for me I don’t need stress. I have been consistent with my argument. People just do not listen to me and make their own assumptions. I have never said people should not have partners; I am just opposed to marriage and the reason is stress. My baby mama is not stressing me, so I am good,” he said.

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