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Fatboy taunts Bigtril with one hit wonder jibe

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Media personality James Onen, popularly known as Fatboy has again heckled rapper Bigtril ( Roland Kaiza) for failing to follow up his mega hit song ‘Parte after parte’ with another smash hit. This was after a message Bigtril left on his Twitter on September 2019 when the song was on every music chart in and outside Uganda. he bragged that ‘Parte After Parte’ is average compared to what he was yet to release.

“Parte After Parte’ is not my biggest song at the moment.. I’m yet to make my biggest song…it will win Uganda’s first Grammy Award…”

The same day, the polarizing and provocative Fatboy told him he might end up a one hit wonder like Ziggy D with ‘Eno Mic’.

“Careful dude… You might end up a one hit wonder. This might be your Eno Mic. Be humble,” he captioned a screenshot of Tril’s tweet on Facebook.

He brought back the post days ago asking Tril Whatsup? This got folks on social media wondering about what could possibly have happened to the rapper who had seemingly earned his breakthrough internationally falling off the face of the earth.

Jungle Man Ug: “He disappeared in the air or he went for Kyeyo again in Nigeria?”

Ks Brian: “It was an anomaly. Bangers are hard to top. I’m still surprised Kenzo managed to one up Stamina.”

Kevin Ayere Aya: “Does he realize that the relevant word was “parte after parte” and nothing more we’ve just been silent about it

‘Parte After Parte’ audio was released in August 2019 while the video followed shortly in September. Both stand at two million views on YouTube – a rare feat on the video streaming platform for video and audio views to match.

It’s position as a worldwide hit was cemented by American rapper Cardi B vibing to it in 2020, in a car with her baby daddy, rapper Offset. It was also played at Arsenal’s unveiling of Ghanaian footballer Thomas Partey the same year.

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