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Fatboy claims he no longer attracts women after cutting weight

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By Ahmad Muto

Media personality James Onen alias Fatboy has lamented that life was much easier for him socialising with women when he was fuller figured. But since he successfully embarked on cutting it, he said, so did the women. Why? He claimed weight is associated with financial status.

“I used to pull hot babes when I was very fat. Since I lost weight, they’ve mostly ignored me because for Ugandan women they associate a man’s slimness with poverty,” he posted on X.

Fatboy embraced his new look in earnest in 2021, a year after exiting Sanyu FM, where he worked for over 20 years.

He has since made it a point to share photos of his weight loss transformation journey.

Fatboy’s diet was not one he kept a secret; he revealed it was keto. It prohibits animal products, added sugar, processed foods focusing on low-carbohydrate vegetables, eggs and sugar-free beverages, among others.

But was the hair also part of the weight loss effort? Some of his fans argued that he is not attracting women because he looks unkempt with thick hair and a grey beard.

“Dress better, look cleaner and groom yourself. They will definitely come along,” one replied.

“Your hair is now grey and unkempt. Maybe that’s the reason,” another added.

However, it is worth noting that Fatboy welcomed a baby girl in December 2022 and his arguments on social media have always been with women, against their lifestyle choices, beliefs and values.

He also told The Kampala Sun in January that he will not get married because it comes with stress.

Fatboy left Sanyu FM in 2020 after, along with his colleagues, they went on a sit-down strike over plans to cut down their salaries because of economic contractions due to COVID-19.

He shortly started an online radio he named Reckless Radio, but dropped it for RX Radio after the Uganda Communications Commission refused to license the former.

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