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Faridah Nakazibwe throws hint at wedding

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

It is said that when a celebrity jokes over something, it’s not just a joke, there is a tree from which it picks its roots.

Rema Namakula jokingly sung about being a doctor’s wife and she is now married to a gynaecologist

Well, celebrated TV personality Faridah Nakazibwe could be sending the same signals. In a tweet, she joked about going on honeymoon , and having a wedding and then wondered why she was becoming wordy.

“I feel like going for honeymoon before the wedding ”

Fans were quick to point out at her diction of “THE” Wedding, not “A” wedding. There are high chances that there is a wedding being prepared if “THE” was used in its proper way. A laughing emoji to cover up her statement with a joke and then an “oba nabaaki yarabbi” which could be translated to “what came over me, Oh God!”.

When the public started speculating that there was something fishy about her tweet, she rushed to make a disclaimer. 

“Who hacked my Twitter handle ?” She wrote.

Her fans reminded her that in whatever she is planning, she should consider including her close friend Bruno K.

The two, Bruno and Nakazibwe share a deep friendship that the public has started perceiving as a secret love affair, that the two are keeping behind the veils.

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