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Fans go gaga as P-Square brothers bury hatchet on stage

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda
Fans of the newly reunited P-Square brothers Peter and Paul Okoye could not believe it, to see the two kneel in the course of their concert on Christmas day, to ask for their forgiveness for having separated and failed to resolve their issues for a long time.
Those that were watching the concert which took place at Eko Convention Center in Abuja, burst out in tears out of excitement while witnessing the emotional apology.
They all rushed to tell them how they have forgiven them so they should quickly get back on their feet.
The netizens in Nigeria were not left out of it, they posted and commented with emotional replies to show how grateful they were to them.
“Twins who have always been close having an unbreakable bond. They may fight but they will always have each other’s back. I am a twin. We fight but come at one of us and you will hear wiiii…,” @Iamuzoma wrote.
“Oh! This is so lovely. So many emotional moments, my favorites, wish you going all alone and blessings. Great to have you back…,” @Laforteacademy replied to the post.
“Why this pepper enters my eyes ma, that’s why tears dey, Ewwww! So sweet…,” @Iamunquenchable commented on a post.
“He who’s without sin should cast the first stone, we love and have forgiven you guys,” @emystichenandtreats wrote.
“Thanks for realizing your mistakes, you are already forgiven, “Kushaba Rita said.

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