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Fans bash new singer Alimpa Ronald for siding with Cindy in UMA race

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

Upcoming singer Alimpa Ronald, known for his song Seen Don, which carries lyrics that promote the country’s tourism, revealed in an interview that he supports Cindy for the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) presidency because he thinks women are better leaders.

This did not sit well with the fans. They immediately took to several social media handles to remind him of another contestant, King Saha, who was endorsed by National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi.

Some of the fans promised to boycott Alimpa’s music if he insisted on supporting another contestant that is not endorsed by NUP.

“You are a struggling artiste who has just got favour from the TikTok wave… So it would have been better you know your worth and leave UMA issues alone. I watched you on a certain TV interview diverting from everybody’s cause and sidelining with a wrong person for UMA presidency. People will hate you for that if you are joking with Ugandans…,” Kasiita Brian Ekyotera wrote.

Besides bashing him, others have asked the Goodlyfe crew of Radio and Weasel to sue Alimpa for allegedly copying lyrics from Radio and Weasel’s African Time song.

“That guy who redid Radio and Weasel’s song African Time song, adding lines like ewaffe olusuku lwa seminti, deserves to be sued for copyright infringement,” Mordecai Muriisa wrote.

However, Weasel is not ready to sue Alimpa.

In response to Mordecai Muriisa, he wrote: “Let the young boy kweyiya. It’s his time. However, thank you for your concern, broda.”

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