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Fame doesn’t affect our school life, say Triplets Ghetto Kids

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By Hussein Kiganda

The Triplets Ghetto Kids have revealed how they have managed to juggle fame and school.

In an interview, the boys revealed that when they go to school, fellow schoolmates treat them as celebrities, but they do not regard themselves as such.

“No! Fame is fame and school is school. When we go for those shows and people cheer us on and call us all those names, we are big, but when we go back to school, we are mere schoolchildren and we respect teachers and our classmates,” they said.

It is rare to find children reasoning in such a mature way. This takes a responsible parent or guardian.

The Kampala Sun contacted their manager, Dauda Kavuma, also known as the teacher, to find out how he instilled discipline in the kids.

“I groomed them well from childhood. Fame stops on the stage. At home, they have to wash utensils, mop, and do all the housework as other children do. They have to respect every person,” he said.

Kavuma, however, revealed that at times, the child stars want to behave like celebrities, but the school regulations do not permit them to do so.

“They want to have certain hairstyles, or fashion, but they cannot. At times they don’t want to be disciplined like other kids because they feel that they are bigger than the teachers, but I always remind them that they are children and they have to respect the elders,” he said.

The kids have since become the topic on the streets after their video went viral and attracted the attention of the global audience.

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