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Faded singer Red Banton on the spot over failure to pay rent

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By Hussein Kiganda

Red Banton could soon bow to pressure and leave the city for the village, in sharp contrast to his song Sijja Kuva Kampala, meaning “I will not leave Kampala.”

He has been accused of not paying rent, and has allegedly gone ahead to add insult to injury by insulting his landlady.

The woman in question told journalists on August 10 that the Balogo singer has lived in the house in Namasuba on Entebbe Road for about five years, but had failed to pay rent for several months.

“We are demanding so much money from him, which he is not paying. We have had mercy on him, but he is not respectful to us. Even the times he pays, he doesn’t pay on time and cannot talk to us,” the landlady said.

She wants Red Banton to vacate the house or else she will take legal action against him.

However, in response, Red Banton expressed disappointment that his landlady had decided to wash his dirty laundry in public.

He advised her, saying the media would not pay her, but rather himself.

Banton revealed that he had not paid rent for two months now, but advised his landlady to keep their issues off the media.

“Does she need to go to the media? Will the media pay her? She is demanding rent of two months from me and that is about sh800,000. She said I abused her, but I can’t abuse a landlady,” he added.

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