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Fabiola, James Onen flex over ‘gold digger’ label

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By Ahmad Muto

City Socialite Anita Fabiola’s engagement to boyfriend Mark Ronald Mubiru days ago sparked a debate online especially over her past lifestyle. Many argued that she is high maintenance and therefore, there is no chance she has genuine affection as she professes on social media. 
Media personality James Onen, popularly known as Fatboy, took a dig at her post where she wrote: “He takes me places I have never been.” Fatboy replied: “Notice she did not say he is intelligent?”

After many social media reactions, Onen said he did not mean Fabiola is a gold digger. 
However, on Friday, August 20, 2021, Fabiola took to her Twitter page to respond to James Onen. She wondered why people kept calling her a gold digger yet her fiancé is comfortable with her lifestyle. 
“Why do people keep saying I am a gold digger? My fiancé loves and enjoys the fact that I am high maintenance,” she tweeted. 
James Onen was not letting her have the last of it. He shot back: “Anita, if your fiancé lost all his money or went broke, or even just decided to no longer spend all the that money on you, would you still stay with him? I challenge you to answer this question.” And no! Fabiola did not answer, but women came out in numbers to support her choice and defend her against the critics.
@maali_maha: “What is with Ugandans and this gold digger mentality? If you do not have money let those who have it spend it on who they want like shurrup….. miss Fab enjoy…you earned it.”
@NoreenAgnes2: “Do not mind these people, they are used to stinginess and do not know what high maintenance means.”

Fabiola also hit back at one of the trolls who said the real test would be for her fiancé to run broke for like five months. She replied: “He is rich enough to afford the best luxuries in the world. You can only dream.”

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