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Expired visa and weed got me jail time in Jamaica – Vampino

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By Ahmad Muto
Dancehall singer Vampino has revealed that an expired visa and weed earned him the days he spent in a grimy Jamaican prison. The Smart wire singer, took to social media while inside a Montego Bay prison asking for help after spending four days inside without any contact to the outside world.
According to him, one of the Jamaicans forgot a weed crasher in his bag and they could not get it out because airport cameras were recording them. His woes were further worsened by his expired visa. When he missed his flight because he was late and the Montego Bay airport had closed, they offered to find him accommodation outside, only for him to end up in prison with hardened criminals and that was what broke his spirit.
“The airport of Montego Bay closes and there are no other flights. They do not have waiting areas so they said they were taking me to a nice place to wait for my next flight. They said somewhere safe to pick me the next day. There, they told me to take off my shoes, belt and issued threats. I was with murderers, gunmen. That hurt me because I did not have a case,” he said during a local TV interview.
However, he noted that what saved him was Bobi Wine’s name. Before that, he did not know the singer-cum-politician was that popular over there. Vampino said there was a guy who recognised he was part of Bobi’s Rebel Salute concert entourage in the country more than three years ago. And that was when the guys softened on him, Bobi Wine got involved and he managed to be rescued.

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