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Examining how 31 days of January turn into 60

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The Internet has been buzzing about how the misery in January is hard to endure and many users have since asserted that the month has between 45 and 60 days instead of 31. Hussein Kiganda counts the days mathematically, mentally and financially.


Those who did arts will disappear at the mention of the word mathematics. The subject has come back to bite them in their unmentionables in January.

On how 31 days of January turn into 45 or 60, a statistics lecturer, who wished to remain anonymous, said: ‘In December, most companies pay their employees between the 20 and 24. The January salary comes in February between the 3 and 6. Now this is the calculation. If you are paid on December 21 and get your January salary on February 4, how many days are those? Those are 45 days plus. Other people extend to 50 days and others 60 because some companies pay nearly at the end of February,”

Mentally and financially

The lecturer continued to explain how financial problems complicate things in January, extending the days to 45. To her, after spending all the money in the festive season, one’s pockets are empty and each day with an empty stomach feels like two.

“Besides the gap in receiving a salary, our expenditures as December closes are very high. Some of us want to show how rich we are and we forget that January is knocking and our salaries will delay. You know how days slow down while we are waiting for our salary. Each day feels like one and a half or even more,” she said. 

She concluded that after all the financial problems kick in, most people get mental health issues. To her, mental health makes a person feel like January is made up of 45 days and more yet they are just 31.

So now you know why the internet calls January a month with 45 days! For more theories, The Kampala Sun is open to receiving them. Enjoy the 45 days.

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