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Ex-girlfriend celebrates as Ray G, new wife lose baby

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By Hussein Kiganda

“Peeew… God has blessed  us again,” Annabell Twinomugisha posted on Twitter on December 8, complete with a heart emoji after she and Western Uganda singer Reagan Muhirwe aka Ray G welcomed their baby. After their engagement in July last year, the lovebirds had a church wedding in October. Little did they know their joy would be short-lived.

Ray G and Annabell lost their baby girl yesterday.

A source who wished to remain anonymous said the baby was born prematurely. This was the couple’s second child after they had their first in January.

“No! This is not the other first baby they had. This is the second one. Annabell was pregnant with another baby, but I think she was born prematurely,” the source said.

JkaysBeats, Ray G’s close friend, revealed that the baby was buried today.

While you would expect compassion and sympathy for the bereaved couple, it seems Ray G’s ex-lover, Elizabeth Namara, is dancing on the baby’s grave.

A few hours ago, a post circulated on social media allegedly showing Namara promising to make the singer pay for the heartbreak he caused her. It raised concern.

“Dear Ray G, I warned you to be careful with me after messing up the good life we had built together, but you couldn’t listen coz that ka mbarara’s public p***y  had opened up her p***y for you now look at you!!! My beloved ex, I will not rest until you pay for my years and money that you wasted… unless that you gonna cry until leave this world,” Namara allegedly wrote.

The post was later pulled down.

The Kampala Sun called Namara to confirm if it was her who had put up such a hurtful post, but she didn’t pick her phone. She later switched it off and it was no longer reachable.

Elizabeth Namara (left) visits Ray G’s mother years ago

A few months ago after Ray G had wedded Annabelle, Namara told The Kampala Sun that she had moved on.

“I have moved on and I do not know what’s happening in his life because I am living my own. Anna is a nobody to me, I did what I did for the sake of my needs. People do break up everyday and move on. I am okey where I am,” she said.

Ray G is alleged to have an older son with singer Penny Patra, also known as She Wolf. However, Penny Patra was angry with Ray G, claiming that he denies being the boy’s father. She revealed this to The Kampala Sun last year.

“What made me more angry was that Ray denies that this baby is  his, making me to look mad as if I do not know  whom I slept with. I think that the reason he denies this child being his is because he has many other young girls he had deceived and  promised to marry, so he did not want them to know that he had a baby mama. But I am lucky that I work and can look after my child and I moved on to another relationship which I feel is better,” Penny Patra said.

Penny Patra has not yet said any word since the death of Ray G’s daughter, who was in this case her son’s sister. The Kampala Sun also tried to reach out to her, but she was driving back to Kampala and was not able to talk to us about it.


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