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Eric Omondi makes U-turn on child paternity scandal

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By Ahmad Muto
Kenyan multi award-winning comedian, Eric Omondi has expressed regret over his Instagram post suggesting he did not father Kenyan journalist Jacque Maribe’s son. In his long post shared on Tuesday, (October 02), the celebrated comedian accused Maribe of acting funny every time he brought up the issue of a DNA test first to confirm he is the biological father before he can offer child support.
However, following public uproar that was triggered by the post, he has now made a U-turn and vowed to take responsibility as the seven-year-old Zahari’s father regardless of the DNA results.
He withdrew the post on Wednesday during an interview with Kenya’s Radio Citizen citing reactions from Kenya’s celebrity community.
The drama followed claims by Maribe that Omondi had failed to make his presence felt in the child’s life, branding him a deadbeat father, forcing him to react. He said it was an embarrassment to his family and he was being trolled on social media over the issue. He also added that the showdown with Maribe ruined many business opportunities for him.
In the long Instagram post, he wrote that they met in 2012 at a Radio Africa Group staff party. After a few glasses of whiskey and wine, they happened. He claims they used protection, but two months later Maribe said she was pregnant. Though at the time, Eric claimed she was dating another journalist, Sam Ongina. He says he asked for a DNA test and Maribe got angry and it continued for seven years.

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